Valley People KEPEX II RACK

Since 1969, the famous "Kepex sound" has been found on gold record after gold record, due to the unit's presence in premier recording studios throughout the world.
Looking for a snap in your stride? Whack in your side stick? Attitude in a vocal? Stop digging in the dirt and go for the guarantee. Kepex tells a story that has been time tested and stalwart in it’s delivery. Musical.
While the Kepex II was a logical extension to the original Kepex, it was a totally new design, providing many new features, as well as significant refinements in control functions and audio performance.
The device employs the Valley TA-101 VCA as its gain control element. Use of this VCA ensures the operator of the Kepex II freedom from audio distortion, high noise levels, non-linear control / gain relationships and other undesirable characteristics associated with devices using lower quality VCA's or less sophisticated circuitry for automatic gain control.
Because the Kepex II is an excellent noise gate, the tendency to overlook its other attributes often occurs. With its five continuously variable front panel controls and RELEASE and MODE switches, the Kepex II is capable of increasing dynamic range through its active expansion mode, preventing reproduction of “leakage” or undesirable ambient noise on recordings or in live situations
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