Rare 5-Valve Cornet in C, Bb and A by Leuliet, Paris

Cornet in C, Bb and A by A. Leuliet, Paris Serial Number 2125, brass finish, ca. 1880-1900??
This cornet has various ways to reach its various keys. It is basically in C (with just the short tuning slide), with somewhat difficult intonation.
It can then be fitted with the tuning slide with the two passive rotary valves, which can put it in Bb or A. The same effect can be achieved by using the straight tuning slide and the mouthpipe.
In Bb or A this instrument has useable intonation and is very playable; indeed, I have used it in lots of 19th century repertoire and in many performances of Prokoviev's Romeo and Julia.
Leuliet is not mentioned in the New Langwill Index, and it is possible that the firm did not in fact make instruments itself, but "badge engineered" instruments of firms such as Besson.
The cornet comes without case or mouthpiece (the mouthpiece in the pictures is for appearance only).
The condition of the instrument is what one would expect for its age, with signs of repair, but it has no serious dents or damage. The valves are reasonably tight, but are mechanically not on a level with modern instruments, of course.