Vampire Counts Winged Vampire Lord Finecast In Blister Warhammer Fantasy

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This listing is for the item(s) seen in the picture and noted in the title above.

I try to provide clear pictures of the items I have for sale, however sometimes certain aspects of a model are difficult to discern so please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.

In addition sometimes I use key words to describe a model or models, some of those words are defined below:

Bare metal/plastic : Item has never been painted or undercoated.

Damaged : Item is damage or has suffered broken components which may be missing. Any broken component will be in the picture if it is included.

Glue Issues : Model has been assembled with excess glue, which may need to be removed.

Incomplete : Item is missing components or bits.

Modded : Item has been modified from its original form.

oop : Item is out of production/print.

Painted : Item has been painted to a simple tabletop standard, may have some light chipping.

Painted Low Standard : Item has been painted to a beginners level, may have some light chipping.

Part Paint : Item has been partially painted.

Poor Paint : Item has been poorly painted or has been repainted over existing paint, may have chipping.

Pro Paint : Model has
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