Vampire the Requiem Storyteller's Screen

Item is in near mint condition.

Shipping will be $3.25 for media rate. Combined shipping will generally be the most expensive item plus $1 for each additional hardcover, extra heavy softcover, or box set. It will be 50 cents extra for each additional normal sized softcover book.

If you live outside the United States, shipping will be higher depending on what the post office charges. As an estimate, for Canada and Mexico, shipping will be $6 for 1 normal size softcover book, or $13 for 1-4 books depending on what can fit in a global priority envelope. .Shipping will be $13 for 1 hardcover book.
For other countries that have global priority available, shipping will be $15 for up to 1-4 books. Hardcovers or large softcovers can probably fit only 1 book in a global priority envelope while normal sized softcovers can probably fit 3 and small softcovers can fit more than that. Shipping will be $15 for 1 hardcover book.
There is also a flat rate priority box available if many items are won, that will cost $29 for Canada and Mexico or $47 for other countries.
There is also a large flat rate priority box available for $37 to Canada and Mexico or $60 to any other country that can fit significantly more books.
I will do my best to work with any foreign bidders to minimize shipping costs.