Van gogh acai blueberry vodka bottle barlight,bar light

Originally 1000 ml Van gogh acai blueberry vodka bottle, we now have a unique bar light for your enjoyment. We are professional glassblowers who specialize in converting old bottles into useful household items. This light is truly one of a kind, and will look incredible on your bar. Limited number available, buy now and get yours before Christmas.

The glass portion of the light measures 8.5 inches tall by 3.5 inches wide. This light is pendant style lighting, 50 inch cord that can be adjusted and hardwired directly to your ceiling receptacle. Bulb not included.

** We recommend using a licensed electrician to install light fixture **

We use a process called 'fire polishing' to give the lip of the light a smooth, polished finish. Next, the light is run through a kiln to take out the strain resulting in a strong durable light. Buy it and help keep more bottles out of the landfill. 'Go GREEN'

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