Vanadinite on Barite - Location: Mibladen¸ Morocco. Large Miniature. Moroccan vanadinite specimens are basically legendary. This is very nice combination specimen of the tabular habit of vanadinite perched on a platy barite crystal matrix. The vanadinite crystals are sharp and well formed. The crystals are a bright red to reddish-orange color and very lustrous. The barite crystals form as tabular crystals. The barite crystals are actually a white color but appear black because they are coated with a thin coating of hematite and/or Goethite. The vanadinite crystals contrast well against the black hematite/goethite coated barite crystals.
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Specimen Dimensions
Specimen size categories for each specimen are listed with the specimen description.
Actual measured specimen dimensions are included on the photograph.
T is a basic specimen dimension standard that is accepted and used by mineral collectors:
Thumbnail - Thumbnail specimens must fit completely inside an "imaginary" 1 inch cube. In our ebay titles look for "-THN".
Miniature - Miniature specimens must fit completely inside an "imaginary" 2 inch cube. In our ebay titles look for "-MIN".
Small Cabinet - Small cabinet specimens must fit
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