This is a fantastic gold bullion strong box used during the American Gold Rush. This strong box was made by the Vanderman Mfg. Co., Willimantic, Conn, patented July 13, 1897. It measures 20" wide, 39" long and 20" tall. It weighs about 125 lbs. It is made of 1/8" steel formed into rectangular shape. On the top are three wood staves riveted to the steel as "bumpers." There is also one continuous "bumper" horizontally around the center of the box and another along the top and bottom rims. These staves are 1 x 2".�
The lid is attached by riveted hinges sealed in part under the top bumper stave. The corners all have custom fit steel reinforcing at every outside edge point. The Vanderman brass plaque is at lower center on the front panel. The locking mechanism is a hasp riveted to the lid and body that held a large diameter hasp lock, probably a typical railroad lock. Additional locking mechanisms are in each of the two upper corners of the lid and body. A locking bolt system appears to have been utilized here, again probably using a padlock of some type, perhaps two more railroad style locks. The bolt-pins are not longer present. The body of the box is constructed of one single, large, folded formed piece of steel which occupies the entire front, bottom and side panels.�
The two end panels are attached by connected and overlapping
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