Vanson High Output 'HOT' Rail Single Coil Pickup Black

1 x Vanson High Output 'HOT' Rail Single Coil Pickup - BlackSuitable for all positions, (Bridge, Middle & Neck) Resistance: 13.8k +/- 10% (includes screws and springs) These fantastic new 'HOT' Rail pickups have been specifically manufactured for us by the same factory that produces Wilkinson licensed products. They have 4-wires allowing the option of coil-tapping if required or can be wired as per a traditional 2-wire humbucker. Utilising high quality ceramic magnets, & wax potted to prevent microphonic feedback these are particularly suitable for more modern rhythm styles, where a thick bottom-end and bright dynamic highs are required. The 'Rails' allow for a fatter, punchier sound than your traditional pole-pieced vintage pickups, perfect for when you need a screaming lead solo, or some heavy chugga-chugga! Wiring: Black - Ground, Yellow - Live, Red & White - Coil Tap (joined if used normally) Products are shipped OEM as above, bubble-wrapped in protective packaging and sent fully insured.