Vary Rare Vintage Zeiss Ikon Piccolette LUXUS 127mm Camera and Case!

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Research this camera and see how rare it really is or try to find another for sale here in the USA. It is a very rare old camera and if you do find one it is always in Europe for more money! Different than the regular Piccolette camera, The Luxus was much better. Visit and type in this camera for an idea of its value.

127mm film is available from and , it costs about $10-15

This is a rare Zeiss Ikon Piccolette Luxus 127 mm folding pocket camera in great shape, with case. I would say it is in great shape for how hard it is to find. It is very small, as you can see in the picture next to the itunes card (not included). It was only made between 1927 -1930. The bellows are not dry rotted, they are soft and work smooth. No holes as far as I can tell. Very minor wear on some of the corners the and outside edge of the camera front as seen in the pics. It folds nice and smooth. The shutter works at all speeds. The image in the viewfinder is sharp. It is clean. There is wear, but as you can see in the pictures it is minor. No rust on the chrome. It is different than earlier Piccolettes as it is made by Zeiss Ikon, not all of the the Piccolettes were....and it has a better lens and a faster Compur shutter. On the front it says: D.R.P. No. 258646 D.RG.M. On
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