Vase or urn. Approximately 7" tall. Made of porcelain or pottery. I'm not sure who the maker is or how old this is. Bottom is marked in red by hand 1883. 10. And scratched into the bottom is the number 272.

Very pretty vase. White glazed body. Beautiful colors. Two birds are on the front in fern like leaves. Birds are mauve, yellow, blue, yellow and wings are black and white with pink on the shoulder area. Birds and fern leaves have gold outlines. To the right of the birds is a nice dragonfly. The back of the vase has the same ferns and a single butterfly.

Bottom rim and top neck of the bottle are a pale bluish green (not glazed or painted over the glaze). Handles and top rim and a single rim around the bottom are done in gold.

The bottom of the vase has shelf wear. It is white (not glazed) but around the rim w the white is worn t is a clay color.

T is a small chip on the bottom in the unglazed area and this is also visible when the vase is upright, it is very small. T is crazing through out this vase, but none is visible in the gold handles or gold on the top rim. T are no other chips or cracks that I can see. The inside looks like it is also glazed. The opening is very small, but the glaze can be felt just inside the neck, not sure if the entire inside is glazed.

T is some light wear to the gold
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