Vatican Medal Order Saint Gregory the great Grand cross


Order of Saint Gregory the great

Grand Cross Knight

with sash in case of issue

by Alegre - Madrid

Very Gorgeous and impressive Official decoration of: "Saint Gregory the Great".

Gregory XVI founded this order to reward the civil and military virtues of subjects of the Papal States by brief "Quod Summis", 1 sept., 1831 and placed it under the patronage of the great pope whose name it bears. It has two divisions, civil and military; this is the civil in, Grand Cross Knight of the second class. 59mm (central piece), The enameled is splendid with a minor loosenings!! The silk band has 73cm, large, and it has insignificant humidity spots. The box is in pristine condition and it has the seal from Alegre/ joyero/ Espoz y Mina. 3 Madrid

divided into four classes, viz.:

# Grand Cross Knights of the First Class;

# Grand Cross Knights of the Second Class;

# Commanders, and

# simple Knights.

The decoration is a bifurcated or eight-pointed red enamelled gold cross, in the centre of which is a blue medallion on which is impressed in gold the image of St. Gregory , and at the side of his head near the right ear is a dove ; in a circle around the image appears in golden letters "S. Gregorius Magnus". On the reverse side is the device,
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