The GM T Car programme was supposedly GM's first "world car programme" but in effect it wasn't really. Opel designed the 2 and 4 door saloon, the Coupe and the Estate. Vauxhall were given responsibilty for the Hatchback based on the Kadett C chassis. The American version (Chevrolet Chevette and Pontiac T1000) had a similar side silhouette to the Vauxhall version but that was about it, there were virtually no interchangeable components. The Isuzu Gemini looked even more similar to the saloon and coupe but were different again with virtually no interchangeable parts, and was also sold as the Holden Gemini. The South African Chevrolet Hatch was even more wierd being a mix of an HC Viva shortened chassis and a Chevette like rear end coupled to an Opel like front end (designed in house by Vauxhall at Luton by the way) There was a Chevette Convertible prototype built by the same people who converted the Kadett for Opel but was never produced just like the Chevette Coupe and Pick Up. A van version made it as the Bedford Chevanne. The Chevette was generally a good seller everywhere but was suffering from the dire Vauxhall offerings in the early 70's and hence in places like New Zealand the Vauxhall brand was never used much in publicity material even though the cars were badged as Vauxhalls. The New Zealand version was actually in produced

Number: V1307

Date: approx Sept 1975

Pages: 6

Colour: Yes

Another rare item for a true collector. Free postage in the UK.

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