Viet Cong Medal, Vietnam War

Superbly Rare

' Destroy America Save Country '

Viet Cong Order - Military Merit Award

'Destroy America, Save Country '

Awarded to Viet Cong (VC) and North Vietnamese Army Combatants (NVA) for successful battle against American Forces. Late Vietnam War model Made from captured gun-metal.

Battle Star to Ribbon indicated that the medal has been presented to the individual on two separate occasions. (battle star this piece, removed).

Now amongst the rarest and most sought of VC Medals.

Vietnam War Original

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Command Control, North, South, Central, MACV, Special Forces, SOG, Special Op’s, Special Operations Group, 5 th Special Forces, Army Security Agency, Military Intelligence, Psy-Ops, US Army, De Oppresso Liber, Airborne, 1 st Special Forces, CIDG, Mike Force, Mobile Guerrilla Force, Mobile Strike Force, Operations Detachment, Provincial
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