Whether you are looking for the entire drafting board set-up as seen in the photos below or just want the arm, rails, scales & instructions - This is the auction for you!! (many photos below)

This drafting arm is made by Vemco and is the V-Track Drafting Machine. It can be used on a board up 37.5" x 60". It comes with the instruction manual. Also included with this drafting arm are 2 Vemco scales (rulers). They are 12 and 18 inch. The 12" is the model 9P-2 & the 18" is the model P-2. The rails & protractor are in good working condition as I have tested it. The stops click ever 15 degrees as it should. The horizontal rail has clamps to mount it securely to the top of your drafting board. The vertical rail slides along the horizontal rail with a guide wheel at the bottom.

The actual drafting board is made by Teledyne Post and is in very good condition as well appearing to have had very little use. It is 41.75 x 29.75".

Get a great deal today!! These drafting machines on Vemco's web site cost $771.00, which doesn't include the board! Please email with any questions.

This auction can be handled in 2 ways. One is for everything being the board, track machine w protractor scales & manual OR everything minus the board. The difference will be in the shipping cost (being that the board adds
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