The Ventures ***SIGNED*** Japanese Poster, RARE!!! Bob Bogle, Don Wilson

The Kings of Surf Rock!

This 1999 Poster was signed by the band --Don Wilson, Nokie Edwards, Gerry McGee, Leon Taylor, and Bob Bogle (now deceased) -- it's a rare Japanese import to advertise their shows for the 40th Anniversary tour. It was NOT SOLD IN STORES .

Very, very rare and unique collectible. Some minor creasing and wear, but perfectly good-looking and undamaged, ready to be framed and hung up! I have two of them, each slightly different. Posters are approximately 19 x 25 (can't unroll by myself)

= = =

The Ventures recorded their greatest hit before they even had a record deal. "Walk Don't Run" was recorded in 1959 but no record company would sign them so, in the end, they started up Horizon Records and produced it themselves. It wasn't until it gained airplay as a radio news signature tune that it finally made its way to No.2 on the US Billboard charts.

The Ventures had formed in 1959 when Don Wilson and Bob Bogle started to play small clubs in the American Northwest. They later added Nokie Edwards (bass) and Howie Johnson (drums) and the resultant guitar-driven instrumental sound was the genesis of the 'surf-music' genre (although they, themselves, do not accept that label). Mel Taylor would later join the band as replacement for Johnson when an accident left him with spinal damage, and
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