venus goddess stone artifact paleo neolithic nude

Hello, just bought this venus figure from the grandson of a ww2 vet this is the third one of these I have seen they were brought back by men in the intel. corp. from a town in France or this one I am told came from Germany . It is a Venus figure 3 1/2 in. tall and about 1 1/2 wide, all I have seen are made out of the same stone like a sandstone . It shows great age as much of the detail is gone but, you can see some cuts and sand marks on oneside w it was made . I will give a 30 day return, so you can show it to whom ever you like. I feel it is real as it is very close to the others I have seen . Side note I went to buy a sword from this man and ended up with a sword and his grandfathers collection of indian artifacts which is w this came out of all he knew was it came from Germany . Name of collection will be given to winning bidder . I will take all ? Yarimochi ---- Due to many Emails asking about the other artifacts I have included a pic of part of the Items. Thanks Yarimochi