Venusaur FOIL Base Pokemon Trading Card TCG Game New Adult Owned Free Shipping

You are bidding on the named card in the title!

The picture is the actual item you are bidding on!

These cards are from my personal collection, I will be adding them throughout the next few days. So keep checking back and "watch" my listings!

I'm selling off my entire 300+ cards!

I have a cards from each Base, Fossil, Base 2, Team Rocket, Gym Heroes, and Japanese "Pocket Monsters" sets

All starting at .99 cents!

Lots of Promos, RARES, Uncommons, FOILS, Pre Releases, and of course, bulk commons!

All free shipping!

About my Pokemon Cards:

All adult owned, never used , and are in "right out of the pack" condition. Meaning they have NEVER been used to play with (decks, shuffled, etc.) and their are in the best condition possible. My cards were stored in a 9 page holder, and if it is a FOIL card, it had another plastic card holder for protection. I have some duplicate commons and uncommons, but there are bonuses! I didn't have time to "check behind" each card (especially the commons) so if there is another one there, you get it for FREE! YEA! ;)

Again, FREE Shipping (USPS 1st Class) and they will be protected with bubble wrap and cardboard!