Vera Cruz Cover 7/7/1914

US Marines occupied the Mexican Port City of Vera Cruz from April 21 to November 19, 1914. I have acquired a group of nine covers showing postal use from the occupational postal facilities. Eight have US stamps (including one mixed use) and one shows Mexican postage. Some are obviously philatelic, but this represents a rare opportunity for the specialist to acquire some unusual usages within this specialty, as well as for the general cover collector to have an item from this low point in US-Mexican relations. The covers will be presented in chronological order by date, there are no backstamps or contents and one is a front only. Please see all of these lots, liberal shipping discounts given for multiple wins.

July 7, 1914, duplex flag cancel ties No. 219, J45 added with pen cancel, great and highly unusual use, neatly opened at top, nice item for the postage due specialist as well!