Veritas Hinge-Boring Jig

Used only a few times to make one cupboard

Excellent condition like new

Drilling 35mm holes for cabinet hinges is usually done on a specially jigged drill press in a small shop, or on a very expensive machine in a large workshop.

This hand-held boring jig out-performs both in its speed and its versatility.

The precision-cast aluminum alloy frame incorporates a depth-adjustable carbide-tipped bit with outlining spurs for clean holes in solid wood, veneers, or melamine-covered material.

The micrometer fence screws let you dial any backset up to 12mm, and an integral rule makes it easy to set the depth of cut up to 16mm; both dimensions cover all 35mm cup hinges available.

In addition, a set of spacers, which let you drill for flap hinges (with breakout up to 10mm), is included.

The 1/4" hex drive lets you use a quick-change chuck or a hex-head socket powered by an electric drill.

The stop rod is usable left or right handed.

The base plate is countersunk for most common cup-hinge screw holes; these can be drilled quickly using the same fence and rod stop settings as used for the cup holes.

The base plate also contains a pair of countersinks spaced 32mm apart for drilling hinge mounting-plate holes on the inside of cabinets.

Made in Canada
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