Versus Collection 3000 cards 800 rares foils Extended Arts VS Beatdown Cable lot

This auction is for my entire Versus System Collection. This was the card pool for our play group back before Upper Deck decided to murder the game, so the card quality is pretty high. Most of the common and uncommon playsets are from decks, and the same with a lot of the rares . There are approximately 800 rares, 800 foils, and 1400 common/uncommons for about 3,000 cards total. This list is only a partial one of some better cards in the collection. There are 10 assembled decks, but there are also a bunch of decks in the loose cards that just aren’t assembled. There are many extended cards listed, also. Domestic shipping only, Paypal only. Feel free to ask any questions other than asking for an entire card list, Thanks!

Constructed Decks

IG/Doom (Sleeved)

4x Boris 1 Foil Boris

3x Reign of Terror 2 foil

1x Foil Flying Kick

Brotherhood Reservist

3x The Acolytes

2x Foil Sovereign Superior

1x Foil Boot to the Head

1x Foil Heroes in Reserve

1x Foil Ruins of Avalon

1x Foil Sabretooth, Savage Killer

The New Brotherhood

Arkham Inmates Insanity

1x Foil Burn Baby Burn (EA)

1x Have a Blast!

1x Pick a Card

1x Certifiable

Kree/VU (sleeved)

1x Foil The Science Spire
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