Very Old Catholic Bishop Friary Painting Prints Wooden

Two remarkable old painting prints with wooden frames on board. The photos don't show it well, but the wooden frames are nearly 1 1/2" wide. The style and feel of these are very expressionistic. The two belong together, and are being sold only as a pair.

The larger picture is a scene of comradery and harmony, as the bishops play their instruments, books open on the table, one standing aside and looking over as he pours, a rosary draping from him. Details add to the feel of both images, with the bricks showing through the plastered walls, the old books on the shelves behind them, and the old wooden benches.

The smaller of the two images is one of the bishops thoughtfully playing chess. A reminder of time and timelessness.

Sizes: Approx 38"x 24" and approx. 28" x 24"

These are both in vintage condition, the frames and pictures are solid, but t are scratches and marks on them. They could be touched up, or kept as is, remarkable works either way.

**I would like to work with the buyer on shipping. These are fairly heavy and an odd size, making it difficult to estimate. If shipping is overestimated , I will refund the extra to the buyer, or if purchased, I can get actual shipping and then provide an invoice, either way. T are two shipping methods listed. The least expensive will be used.

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