SOME HELP FROM A EBAYER THAT EMAILED ME THIS INF, The Chelsea factory was long closed when these were made, this set is English but was made in the mid 1800's give or take, w someone may have gotten confused was that this pattern was sometimes refered to the Chelsea ware or Chelsea pattern also I have seen it listed as Grandmothers ware.------- NOTE PLEASE LOOK CLOSELY AT THE PICTURES WHAT YOU SEE IS PART OF A SET AND WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU WILL RECIEVE. SO PLEASE NO EMAILS ON THIS CHELSEA LOT. THANKS LISA UP FOR AUCTION ARE THESE 20 PIECES OF CHELSEA BONE CHINA.ALL THE PIECES CAME FROM A HOME IN NEW BEDFORD MA, THE LADY THAT HAD THE LOT OF CHELSEA CHINA FROM England HAD THEM IN HER HOME FROM HER GRANDMOTHER .SHE TOLD ME THAT THEY ARE THE VERY EARLY CHELSEA PIECES AND ARE VERY RARE. NOTE TO FIND ANY OF THIS TYPE IT IS VERY RARE.THEY ARE AS IS BECAUSE SOME HAVE HAIR LINES.OVER ALL IN VERY GOOD CONDITION. The cup and saucer measures: saucer 5 3/4" - cup is 3 1/2" across - 2 1/2" tall - good condition. PLEASE SEE THE PICTURES OF ALL ITEMS.

Of all the delightful china that was made in eighteenth century England the loveliest in coloring is Chelsea . It has other points of excellence as well; in fact, Chelsea shows so many signs of skill that in its own day it was called "the English Dresden," a very high compliment. Occasionally
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