Very Rare 1875 HISTORY: BOWMANVILLE, Ontario and Area

Offered is a very rare item -- an original copy of the earliest known history of Bowmanville, Ontario and its environs, east of Oshawa ... published by the West Durham Steam Printing and Publishing House in Bowmanville, during 1875.

A slim volume with 44 pages, it's titled EARLY SETTLERS OF BOWMANVILLE, DARLINGTON, CLARKE AND SURROUNDING COUNTRY . Darlington and Clarke were former townships of Durham County (more recently renamed Regional Municipality of Durham by the Ontario government.)

Author John T amblyn Coleman was born in 1828 to a well-known local family, worked as a taxidermist, and was later a resident of Toronto and Ottawa. He died in Canada's capital in the mid-1880s.

Coleman's history covers four topics, beginning with "Early History of Settlers". This subject flows into several more pages of "Indian History". The remainder of his book (staring on page 26) reflects his fondness for studying things in nature. It documents local zoology - reptiles, snakes, lizards, small animals, etc. As well, it looks in detail at local birdlife, in a separate section on ornithology.

Unique and inntly interesting because of its advanced age, EARLY SETTLERS is seldom available for purchase ... so is well worth your consideration.

This softcover is approx. 5 3/8" x 8 1/4". Only the front cover
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