This marvelous and very rare lot is a very rarely seen 1962 Seattle World's Fair Alweg Monorail (under the name of Alweg Rapid Transit Systems of Washington State, Inc.) published booklet ballyhooing the newly opened for the Fair Seattle monorail as "the mass transit system of the future," which, as transit buffs, historians and managers of the future know: IT ISN'T. But it is fun and is great at amusement parks but not for heavy duty mass transit. In any case, this beautiful, colorful and very rare item measures 8 3/8" x 10 7/8" horizontal format with 12 pages, five drawings and 22 photos and a good deal of information on the monorail which was then operating between downtown Seattle and the World's Fair. This is a wonderful piece filled with construction, operation and car interior photos and I would think that every monorail historian or buff would be interested in this incredible item so we suggest that you bid early and bid often! In absolutely excellent condition. You may be sure it is very rare to the point that I believe even highly knowledgeable and extremely advanced Seattle WF collectors should be interested in it! As we know you can and do understand (copy?!!), we must offer this great lot "as is" so please be sure to email any and all ?? PRE-bidding! T hi s is truly a fascinating momento for any American history

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