Very Rare Waylon Jennings B/W Poster, Signed 1963

The time : 1963. The place : J.D.'s in Phoenix, AZ. The occasion : The last night Waylon played J.D.'s before leaving Phoenix. My aunt and uncle were t, and they brought home this poster of a young Waylon Jennings, inscribed to them and signed by him. The inscription has faded over time, but you can still make it out: "To Pat and Tom, I only wish I had more friends like you. Very best wishes, Waylon"

The black and white photo is mounted on poster board, which makes it heavy. It is HUGE - measures 29 3/4" wide by 40" high. The edges and corners were not improved by storage in a utility closet for 40 years, but overall, it is in pretty good shape for its age.

This one has never been on the market before - if you are a serious Waylon collector, you can't let it get away. No reserve, and please don't complain about the shipping charges, as it will cost AT LEAST that much to ship it to you.