VERY RARE" WURLITZER "SLANTS" 650 pages, "By Demand


Freddy Bailey's


You are bidding on a "Perfect Copy" of the most complete set of "WURLITZER" Slants available, "VERY RARE" (Service information issued by the Wurlitzer Service Department) that were issued to Wurlitzer Jukebox Distributors for 1945-51 with an additional 200 pages of Slants for later models such has, 1250-2500, every bulletin and Kit that was available for modifications that they found were needed to improve and solve various problems or improvements to their range of jukeboxes. This Binder is over 4 inch thick and contains over 650 pages of written and illustrated information on: Installations, Remote Control Equipment, Engineered Sound Systems, Kit,s every model conceivable, (If you have a Wurlitzer restoration company this is a MUST for your reference library to service and carry out factory recommended modifications) I recently put the "Original" book of slants up for auction on Ebay and it was sold in a "Buy Now" for $1,000.00 item number 6235469236 within a few hours of listing, so I decided to sell a few copies of it on EBAY. ( Slants have been sold on ebay for over $100.00 for one slant, look on ebay item 6206105092 and item 6206102772 ). The index alone consists of 16 pages, the index gives model number,description,identification and date. If you
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