Very Unique Antique Mannequin: wood and pipes

This is a unique and unusual mannequin, an antique, though I'm not aware of its exact age. The body is built of pipes, and the head and hands are wood. It seems to be a female form, judging by the hair, which is in a pigtail with a bow. Part of the bow is missing, as you can see in one of the pictures. It is jointed throughout: the head moves side to side, the neck swivels around, the arms move at the shoulders (both in and out, as well as forward and back), elbows, and wrists, the legs move at the hips (both in and out, forward and back), knees, and ankles. In this way it has a broader range of positioning than a solid mannequin, and stands very well on its stable feet.
Dimensions are about h 70" x w 16" when standing straight. Very interesting piece, would be great for display!
It will be sent in a few pieces, to ease boxing and shipping, and it screws together very easily and simply at the joints via an allen wrench.