Very Worn & Primitive Black Folky Santa Doll W/ Dollie

Greetings Fine Folk! Oh So Worn Blessings To Ya!!
This is an original doll made and designed by Heidi Gianino Aka Crabby GaBBy Dolls © 2007. This is probably my only Santa doll that I will make ( I am not sure..but that is what I am thinking..) I am sooo smitten with this set! It will be very hard to part with.
Lets start with Santa..he is a very stout Santa indeed. Made from distressed and painted muslin. He measures in almost at 32 inches. His Garb is some of the most wonderful antique quilt, the quilt is from the early 1900's. I have added ticking trim down the front of his coat and around the brim of his hat. His hat has been stitched to his head. His eyes are stitched with wee bitty seed bead pupils, his nose needle sculpted and his mouth stitched.
His beard and mustache is needle felted into place. Down the front of his coat I have stitched 6 rusty Jingle Bells into place
. He has needle sculpted hands and flat like needle sculpted bare feet!
A little girl has gone to visit Santa, and it appears she got what she wanted too! She holds a wonderful antique tin horn with accents of blue red. The Horn measures in at 4 inches.
The little girl has been made from worn and distressed muslin that has been painted. She measures in at 16 inches. Her hair is wonderful sheeps wool tuffs stitched into place,

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