Vic Firth Nova 5B Drumsticks, Wood Tip - One Pair

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Vic Firth 5B Nova Drum Sticks - Wood tip

Vic Firth Nova Drum Sticks. A superb drum stick made of hickory with wooden tip. If you are looking to purchase a pair of drum sticks with value for money in mind then look no further than Nova Drum Sticks by Vic Firth. Vic Firths affordable Nova drum sticks are crafted of the same First Quality wood used for Vic Firth brand sticks. Each pair is weight-sorted and tone-paired using Vic Firth technology. On the nylon sticks, Vic Firths new TipLock process guarantees that the tips wont chip or fly off. What Makes a Great Drumstick?
For almost 40 years, Vic Firth Inc. has produced the finest drumsticks and mallets available. Innovative design coupled with uncompromising quality control - highlighted by the recent improvements to our proprietary tone pairing system - truly provide their customers with the Perfect Pair. It is this commitment that makes Vic Firth the world's largest manufacturer of drumsticks and mallets.
Here's an overview of each step in Vic Firth's manufacturing process:
1. Kiln Drying
As every Vic Firth drumstick passes through the manufacturing process, it is inspected and reinspected to ensure the highest quality product.
This begins at the sawmill, where only the finest logs are cut into squares. These squares

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