Vice President Al Gore gift pen and Box

For your consideration, we're offering a Vice President Al Gore gift pen and box. This Parker pen and VP box are in MINT condition. It also includes a outer protective sleeve. Please contact us if you want additional pictures emailed to you.

We normally ship the following morning when you pay by money order or by a Paypal payment. Please allow 7 days for shipping if you're paying by personal check.

Shipping cost is $5 for USPS Priority Mail. An USPS tracking number will be provided to the buyer so they can track their shipment to their home.

Over the next couple of months, we will be selling off our extensive collection of Presidential and VP pens. After collecting them for 25+ years, our collection is about as complete as I could ever hope for so its time to start into another collecting area. Many of these pens will be the actual item submitted for inclusion into John Loring's excellent pen reference book (update pages) including a "Nixon" Fisher Space Pen and many other scarce items. Be sure to check back often for additional pens.