VICENCE 14K Yellow Gold Ladies Watch W/ Diamonds on the Dial&White Leather Strap

VicencE Ladies Watch it says in the back cover "ITALY" and on the front " SWISS PARTS " ,So , the logical conclucion is that it was made in Italy with Swiss Parts, Also it says(on the back) " MILOR " That's the name of the jewelry and watch maker, from Italy. The back cover also has this information : 14K Gold, and under it this reference # : " Ref. V5739173 ", on the middle area of the back cover we have the Name , " VicencE " and on the top there is what appears to be VicencE Logo , a classic Roman Pilar. The back cover has some small scratches. The front of the watch has the same logo and name right under 12:00 O'Clock . Above 6:00 O'Clock it has the word " Quartz " in cursive. To each side of 6:00 O'Clock also, the words " Swiss Parts " . It comes with roman numerals and with 4 Diamonds located as follows : 12:00 , 3:00 , 6:00 , and 9:00 O'Clock respctively. Dial has a golden tone and it has minutes and hours only, no seconds . The Band is made of Leather and is white, it says " Genuine Leather , China , VicencE ", this means that the band was made in China. it (the band)has an area that has a very little scratch, very minuscule, but over all it looks like new. The Watch is 14K Yellow Gold , It Has DIAMONDS on the face cover it was made in ITALY with SWISS made Parts, Has a NEW BATTERY. The Dimensions are , Diameter , 26 mm. ... read more