VICIOUS PINK "Singles & B-sides" (Maniac!)

Vicious Pink were a synthpop band , formed in Leeds , UK in 1981 and active until 1986 . With a catchy sound and a penchant for highly provocative and sexualized lyrics, the band aimed for success amongst clubs rather than commercially successful hits. Vicious Pink composed of two members, singer Josephine Warden , who was half-English-half-French, and keyboardist Brian Moss . The duo started out as backing vocalists for Soft Cell . Vicious Pink is chiefly remembered for three dance tracks: CCCan't You See , Fetish and Take Me Now , produced by Tony Mansfield of New Musik fame. Vicious Pink is one of a few bands in the early 1980's that could be described as having a techno sound, and can be credited for coining the term for describing music on March 27 , 1982 , long before it was used by Detroit DJs in 1986.

This is a collection of all the 7" singles and b-sides. Includes the ultra-rare track "Maniac"!

Tracks :

My Private Tokyo
Je T'aime
In The Swim
Cccan't You See
Blue (Love Mix)
The Spaceship Is Over T
Take Me Now
I Confess
Always Hoping
8:15 To Now
Great Balls Of Fire

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