Vico Vintage Household Lubricant Handy Oiler Salt Lake City

We have a little Vico handy oiler with a metal spout. There is a little rust on the top, we tried to get good pictures of any imperfections.

My husband has been an avid oil can collector for 26+ years. He recently passed away and we are starting to sell some of his collection. We don't know a lot about them, so what you see is what you get. We will not be accepting returns or offering refunds. He was a very smart collector, he knew a reproduction and would only collect the best. This is an amazing collection, we will be having weekly listings, so keep checking!! Please note that we will not be selling stuff outside of Ebay at this time. We are not sure what the values are on some of his things, so we'll let the auctions tell us what they're worth. If you would like to see something specific listed, please let us know and we will do our best to include it in our next listings.
Sorry for any inconvience, but we will be shipping in the US only. We will have delivery confirmation with each shipment as well. Thank you.