VICODIN fanny pack , hip pouch, butt pack, waist pouch, jog pack

Vicodin HP Pharmaceutical Promo Vintage Fanny Pack this is actually "vintage new", i.e. has never been worn or used. There is very subtle fading of the purple-blue color on the underside, otherwise the colors are bright/sharp. The center orange rectangle is a reflector (see one photo where the flash was turned on, the rectangle appears white). There are three zippered pockets (the zippers, having never been used, work perfectly), a mesh pocket (the mesh has no rot or wear) and a center holder for a water bottle. All stitching, trim and buckles are as new.
The advertising is crisp and not flaking or peeling, and is obviously promoting VICODIN HP, a schedule III narcotic.
This fanny pack is a decade or so in age, but looks sweet. These were offered to doctors and most were probably given to their kids and have long ago been tossed in the trash. It's a practical colorful medical collectible, or a great gift for the paramedic, medical student, pharmacy technician, narc officer, or that family member living in your basement!
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