Victor Victrola Exhibition Reproducer - w/300 Needles

Fully Serviced ~ Sound Box ~ Excellent Original Nickel
includes 300 American Made Needles Free All Work Guaranteed 1 Full Year

This is a Nickel Plated Victor Victrola Exhibition Reproducer that is in excellent condition and perfect working order. It has been carefully inspected, cleaned, rebuilt, aligned, and tested by me, Walt Sommers, owner of Gettysburg Antique Phonographs in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. I am also including 300 Brand New Steel Needles (100 Loud, 100 Medium, and 100 Soft) for your enjoyment. I guarantee your satisfaction with the quality and performance of this part. Please take your time and study the information presented here and feel free to ask questions .

This reproducer was carefully disassembled, ultrasonically cleaned and then hand buffed. The nickel plating on the front casting is in very good condition. The black oxide finish on the rear casting is also nice. During alignment the needle bar and balance springs were adjusted for proper centering and tension so that the sound box can reproduce records very accurately and with maximum volume and optimum fidelity. The balance springs are original parts that are in perfect working order. The original mica is in very good condition and has been cleaned and
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