Victoria 5 Cents 1885 Large 5

Victoria 5 Cents 1885 Large 5, KM2, MS66 PCGS. Two varieties are known as the Small 5 and Large 5 issues, with the Small 5 being slightly scarcer. A third variety has the small 5 over a large 5. The Small 5 reverse die was created from the same three-digit logotype punch used for the 1882-H, 1883-H, and 1884 pieces. A new logotype punch was then created for the Large 5 dies. The Charlton Standard Catalogue notes that the difference is a short top on the Small 5 and a large top on the Large 5. While those differences are easily distinguished, the prominent ball at lower left of the Large 5 and the missing ball at lower left of the Small 5 allow for an even more distinguished distinction between the two varieties.From the Canadiana Collection Grade: 66, Service: PCGS, Service No.: 661000, Issue Date: 1000, Denomination: MS