Victorian 4/4 Maidstone violin.Set up ready to play.

This is a nice old Antique Full size Maidstone violin.

This is ideal for a student perhaps moving to their first full size violin and in my opinion a far better choice than a Chinese violin.

It is labeled inside "The Maidstone" , these were imported and sold by John.G.Murdoch & Co.Ltd.London.EC.

Maidstone's date from the Victorian era around late1800s - early 1900s so truly a 100yr old antique violin, made in either Germany or Bohemia they are now well recognised as matured instruments made with quality tonewoods.

This violin has a matured mellow tone which projects well.

It comes with-

New lightweight case with lock and shoulder straps.

New shoulder rest.

Well fitting pegs which hold and adjust easily.

Nice new bow with Ebony frog,Mongolian horse hair,Parisian eye mop inlays.

Ebony tailpiece with built in fine tuners.

New good quality strings.

New Tourte Mute.

Hidersine rosin and a duster as it is advisable to wipe your violin after use to remove surplus rosin and keep the varnish in good condition.

I think this outfit offers excellent value, you are getting a 100yr old well matured violin which if looked after should keep it's value or perhaps even increase ,ideal to trade in when you want to upgrade.
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