Victorian Art Glass Basket - Amber w/Gold Flecks

This Auction is for an Art Glass Ruffled Basket with a Twisted, Thorn Handle and Two Matching Bud Vases. This Set is absolutely Stunning!! These Baskets were popular novelty and gift items during the Victorian era. These are one-of-a-kind works of art which were produced in just about any type of art glass in use at the time. They were never marked. Many of these Baskets were not true production pieces but "whimsies" made by glassworkers to relieve the tedium of the long work day.

This Ruffled Basket measures approximately 9 & 1/4" x 7" and the Bud Vases stand 8" tall. I can find No Breaks, No Chips, and No Cracks in the Basket. One of the Bud Vases is missing one of the Clear, Glass Knobs which stick out from the Vase and wind all the way around the Vase. I've tried to show it in the picture, but it is hardly noticable.

The Basket is an Amber Color with lots of Gold Flakes flecked throughout. The Bottom is White and may be Milk Glass. The Handle is a Clear Twisted, Thorned Glass. The Matching Bud Vases are a Lighter, Amber Color with lots of Gold Flakes flecked throughout. The inside of the Vases are White and may be Milk Glass.

I acquired these from an Estate and have been told they are Originals from the late 1800's. However, I cannot attest to that because I am not the original owner. I, also, am
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