Victorian Bisque German Fairing Baby/Basket Trinket Box


Wonderful and rare, bisque trinket box with an off white color and gold trim and tiny spots of gold on the bedding. T are blue crossed arrows on the bottom with the numbers 6556. On the back panel of the box are four buttons. Each button is labeled in German: Mama! (Mother), Milch! (Milk), Bin Nass! (Have Wet), and Vorsingen! (Sing). The baby is pushing the third button to let someone know it has wet its diaper. Written in German on the bottom of the blanket are the words, Unsre Modernes Baby (Our Modern Baby). This box was made around the turn of the century probably in 1900, making this over 100 years old. This box can be found in the Vogel book, Victorian Trinket Boxes on page 13. This box measures 5 inches long, 3 inches wide and 3 1/2 inches tall.


Excellent condition. The only thing I can find are two spots of gold have fallen off. I guess you could call these spots tiny beads, but they look more like a paint brush, dipped in gold made a tiny spot and t on the bedding. It does need to be cleaned a bit. T are no cracks, chips or repairs on this box. My eyes are not perfect, but I sure don't see anything that I would call damage.


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