Victorian Bog Oak Carved Mourning Bracelet Irish Muckross Abbey Stretch Black

This is a nineteenth century Victorian mourning bracelet made of carved pieces of bog oak, a wood found in the bogs in Ireland. Each individual round piece (there are 7 all together in declining sizes) was hand carved and depicts a scene of the Irish MuckrossAbbey. The bracelets were worn to remember a favorite memory of a loved one. Each scene is a different carving. The largest is approx 1 3/8" wide and 7/16" deep. The smallest is 3/4" wide. One photo shows the back of these pieces and you can tell that they're made of wood. They have two holes drilled into each side where elastic can be threaded. The one remaining elastic is very stretched out. You can easily purchase new elastic and replace it. The condition is very good and I don't see any damage. One piece appears to have had two sets of holes drilled, one being faulty (see photo). This is not signed. This is a rare piece of Irish history. Will ship USPS First Class mail with insurance (shipping calculator has it wrong. US Shipping will be $5.00.....Shipping to Great Britain will be USPS Priority Int'l $23.50). Thanks for looking.