Victorian Cross-over Ring 2 Coiled Snakes Silver w/Gold

Victorian Cross-over Ring 2 Coiled Snakes Silver w/Gold

This listing is for Victorian Period ring, circa late 1800s. Being from that period, it would more appropriate to say the ring is made of serpents, rather than snakes, but the later fit into the title.

Prince Albert gave Queen Victoria an engagement ring in the form of a serpent. The snake motif was believed to be a symbol of eternal love. [1]

The ring listed is dated to the later Victorian Period by its crossover style and by its being made of silver, both of which are indicative of designs 1885-1910 according to Bell.

The ring depicts two complete snakes, with a gold accent on their heads. The heads face opposite directions and lie side by side. Engraving makes the details of the snakes' features - eyes, nostrils, and mouths. Their bodies are engraved as well. The detail of their coils and scales is distinct the entire length of their bodies and the full circle of the ring. The tails wrap around the snakes just below their heads, further entwining the snakes.

The ring is marked ".925" on one head. Someone has previously cut into the metal to test the stamps proclamation. T is no underlying copper or other metal. It is as stamped and in very good condition. Wear would be first visible as softening of the scale engraving on the sides
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