Victorian Edwardian Mourning Jewelry gold diamond ring

Offered today is lovely Victorian era (1890-1900) mourning ring in excellent condition. The ring is a size 7, and is constructed of 9K yellow gold (tests for low grade gold) and had a tiny dimond in the center of the sun burst. This ring is truely an extraordinary piece. It is an excellent representation of a culture from our history who valued the continuity of mourning symbolism. I hope you consider adding this to your collection. :)

Brief History of Victorian Mourning

Death shadowed nineteenth-century life in captivating ways. Proper Victorian women, bound by strict rules of etiquette, adapted a code for mourning which included elaborate wardrobes made of black crepe material and fashionable black jewelry. Those caught in violation of mourning protocol risked scandal and gossip from others within society, and this alone was a humbling possibility! Tfore, morning became somewhat of a practiced art.

Deep mourning lasted about one year, which required an all-black wardrobe and accessories; and half mourning for an additional year (or more depending on the relationship of the deceased to the family), which allowed for the slow return of color into the wardrobe. After the proper amount of time had passed, a widow could freely wear any color, although many followed the lead of Queen Victoria and remained in
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