Victorian Feminism 1893 What Can A Woman Do business etiquette occupation poets

Interesting book that deals with women's occupations during a time when women were actively discouraged from working .
"What Can A Woman Do" deals with employment that was becoming socially accepta ble for women, such as business-clerks, stenographers, photographers, artists, writers, poets, nurses and there are chap ters on women lawyers and do ctors. In 1893 there were 91 women lawyers in the US ! There is discussion about new laws protecting women's live lihoods and wages.
This book is aprox. 540 pages-there are several plates throughout the book, and an additional 20 or so at the end of the book. A bout a third of the book deals with poetry and prose, and there are many beautiful examples of Victorian poetry. There are also sections on occupations for boys, dress reform, being a good wife and growing old gracefully. There is an interesting sec tion on how studying and sc hool can make a young woman sick an d even an invalid !
This boo k is a great example of conflicting emotions and values of the time period, even among wome n. Written by Mrs. M. L. Rayne, published by H.A. Lewis .
Condit ion: Dama ged binding but readable, loose pages, missing leather areas on spine (as seen in photos).
The book has been reprinted, reprints of which are going for about $40 but you could own this original printing
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