VICTORIAN FLOOR LAMP - ca. Late 1800s - early 1900s NR!


( late 1800s - early 1900s )

A very nice late victorian floor lamp with three grace on top. This gilded floor lamp will spruce up any room whenever it's placed for your coming holiday. It was place in a gentleman library with dark oak panel wall belong to a big Washingtonian lawyer and lobbyist. The lamp is made from gesso - a material that was widely used back then mostly found on gilded antique pier mirror frame. Gesso will be easily carved before it's completely dry, thus you see the intricate pattern on the body of the lamp. Don't let this fool you though, by having the body carved makes the lamp looks light; on the contrary... it's weigh a ton!!!! Well...not exactly a ton but it weigh around 32#. The height is 43" high + the globe approx 8" in diameter - so in the total height is 51" tall. T is one hair line on the body toward the bottom part which is not noticeable unless scrutinized. The lamp has been re-wired so it's ready to use immediately. Though it's bit dusty. I should also disclose that it has funny odor to it - probably due to it's age and smoker previous owner.

Term and Condition:

- Shipping and handling within 48 contiguous state is $56 by UPS ground. For international shipping please provide me with your city and zip code. This chandelier will
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