VICTORIAN CHILD WITH NEWFOUNDLAND "Companions" ~ Victorian Childhood Art ~

Professionally Printed on 100% Genuine Artist's Canvas

NEW! Large Canvas Size : 19" x 13" NEW!

Suitable for Framing


We offer you this reproduction of a charming 19th Century Victorian scene by Charles Burton Barber, the famous English painter of children and dogs. It features a little girl sleeping beside her great, big Newfoundland or St. Bernard as he watches over her. He is truly a faithful Companion. The dog also resembles a St. Bernard in this famous image, but usually in these classic scenes, which were often depicted in Victorian times, the dog was actually a Newfoundland (see notes on the Newfoundland below). A very little girl was often juxtaposed with a very big dog in scenes of tender companionship or dramaitc rescues. This dog is truly a faithful Companion. . (see how WONDERFUL this print can look when matted and framed below) Notes on the Newfoundland The Newfoundland , known as the gentle giant of the dog world, combines a large, powerful physique with sweet and gentle disposition. They make great companion for child or adult. Originally used by fishermen to tow out heavy nets, they are as much at home in the water as on land, and there are tales of brave Newfoundlands rescuing
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