Victorian GOLD BLUE Chalcedony AGATE CITRINE Brooch

Antique Genuine Georgian/Victorian Blue Chalcedony & Citrine BroochOrnate Pinchbeck Mount 1840-50 This is an outstanding hand-polished Victorian/Georgian period beveled translucent Blue Chalcedony or moonstone brooch which has a unique gold vine running across its surface with 6 tiny genuine golden citrine cabochon flowers. All cabs are present. The translucent chalcedony agate is set into an ornate pinchbeck mount. Brooch has its original tube hinge, c-clasp and extended pin stem which has just a little bend. The chalcedony/moonstone brooch is in wonderful shape. Pin holds securely.

Measures 1.50" long x just over 1.25" wide

Chalcedony is a catch all term that includes many well known varieties of cryptocrystalline quartz gemstones. They are found in many colors and color combinations, and in sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks. Chalcedony includes carnelian, sard, plasma, prase, bloodstone, onyx, sardonyx, chrysoprase, thundereggs, agate, flint, chert, jasper, petrified wood, and petrified dinosaur bone just to name a few of the better known varieties. Because of its abundance, durability, and beauty, chalcedony was, except for sticks, animal skins, bones, plain rocks, and possibly obsidian, the earliest raw material used by humankind. The earliest recorded use of chalcedony was for projectile points, knives,
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