Victorian Gold Hinged Bangle Bracelet Raised Designs

Gorgeous Victorian Bracelet to add to your collection or wardrobe. This is an Estate item listed as 10K gold hinged bangle bracelet. This was a gift and inscribed with the initials HCW Dec. 25th 1908. Also has AAG 1/10. Very beautiful and wonderful vintage condition. Measures 2 1/2" across is a bit on the oval side, the underside has some minor dings from age and wear very very minor but to be accurate must mention. This beauty is 1/2" wide and will make a wonderful addition to any collection or wardrobe. Payment is DUE at the close of the Auction and MUST!! be received within 7 days of your final invoice notice, unless other arrangements have been made.Shipping prices that are preset are for Continental USA ONLY!! Paypal Payments Only!!!International winners without Paypal must create an ecceptable payment method excepted by Ebay. Shipping,and handling, are included in the cost Please do (NOT) pay Paypal before you receive a total from me!!!Be advised that the Ins. cost can vary depending on the final sell price and may need to be adjusted accordingly. To return an item you must make contact within 3 days of reciept of item. Full Returns are only given when an item has been incorrectly described!! Items are represented to the BEST of my knowledge. Please ask any and ALL questions prior to bidding. Refunds are given in SPECIAL circumstances ... read more