Victorian Large Oblong Rug Dolls House Minis (vclr07)

Victorian Large Rectangular Fully Woven Carpet Part of our "Victorian Rug" Collection.

Our extensive range of rugs and carpets from the Victorian Era covering roughly 1837 to 1901 contain many intricate patterns and beautiful colours influenced by the increasing global trade from emerging empires and cultures. Our round and oval rugs and carpets are unique to us and are particularly beautiful and really set of a room.

In England in the Victorian Era whilst the wealthy could afford to buy rugs such as these most children over the age of five worked, on average 60 hours a week, the average adult up to 80 hours, whilst witnessing the first "World Fair" at Crystal Palace, the start of the British Raj in India, State Education became free for every child under 10 and the notorious "Jack the Ripper" roamed London's Streets!

These carpets help bring your dolls house scenes back to this period creating an authentic look and feel.

>> Please scroll down the listing for images and measurements << Please note this item is a miniature collectors item and not a full size item __________________________________________________________________ Our collection of over 400 extremely high quality rugs, carpets and mats cover every major period from Medieval to modern Art Deco. The detail is very fine,
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