Victorian Locket ~Enamel Inlay~14K~Austrian Empire~1872

To lock ... to latch ... to hide away. The word itself found its way into the English language centuries past ... derived from the French "loquet" and has never tarried from its cherished expression.
The one presented in was hand tooled in the year 1872 in Frankfurt, Germany and its main hallmark is of the assay office of the Austrian Empire's royal seat of Vienna, Austria. Hallmarks upon the bail are "AV" denoting Austria/Vienna and the gold content of the era being 585. Photo of hallmark from hallmark book of Prague's Assay Office; item #125 with the "A" overlapping the "V" and the reference of AU (gold) hallmark beginning in 1868. The number "4", is to the right of the letters and below letters to left can be found "18 * 72" denoting the year.
Within the rim of the upper case the "F"; the Austrian Imperial Eagle and the 6-sided star are present. These represent the place of creation as Frankfurt of the Austrian Empire and it having been created by a Jewish goldsmith.
Hallmarks are worn with age.
The locket measures 1 1/2" in vertical length, is a tad over 7/8" in horizontal width and has a depth of 1/4". It opens to two encased widows into which were positioned the fine gold edged photo/petit-portrait. The glass insets attached to their inset casings via intricate pewter locks and fit into their oval settings
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