Please see the other jewelry that I bought in this same group...all of it late 1800's, and one piece nicer than the next. This is the only piece in the group that is unmarked. However it is quite early, it is definately well made, with genuine emeralds and diamonds. I have had a couple of pieces like this, meaning with rose cut diamonds that did in fact turn out to be sterling. I thought that was crazy but in fact was not a rare thing to do 150- 200 years ago, and it did not negatively affect the value at all. With all that said..and the fact that the other pieces that were bought in this group were all gold, and of the same period, I believe this one to be gold. Last but not least, did I tell you yet that this is a beautiful piece? Well it is! The center emerald is about 3/4 of a carat, and does show a couple of slight (meaning not visible to the eye) chips. It is emerald after all and it was well loved. It also is missing one small rosecut diamond..again not really visible because the diamonds are small and it is set in white gold. It measures 2 inches long and weighs 8.2 grams. It has a "white and antiqued finish", meaning that when it was made it was somewhat blackened to highlight the foreground. Most of that remains intact. So basically you have an almost 200 year old piece that has survived fairly well and is beautiful. If ... read more